The Casey-Girl Foundation, Inc.

The Casey-Girl Foundation, Inc.


The Casey-Girl Foundation, Inc. was officially established on July, 23, 2003, by our family in loving memory of our remarkable and inspirational little angel, Casey Kelley Walsh. The mission of the foundation is inspired by Casey's courage, strength and will to experience life in all it's hope and happiness. The life lessons and perspecitve that Casey taught us continues to impact all of us who were fortunate enough to know and love Casey. Her life acts as a constant reminder as to what is truly most important in life. The foundation will raise money to support and develop programs that improve the health, welfare and well-being of children; raise funds to support hospitals, medical research centers and other organizations that focus on children's healthcare or general overall health, welfare, and well being. ***The Casey-Girl Foundation, Inc. has been recognized as a non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, having received tax-exempt status as a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.*** The Foundation's Employer Identification Number is 20-0129450.

Meet our Officers and Board of Directors...

The Officers and Board of Directors for the The Casey-Girl Foundation, Inc. include representation from family and friends. Here's an introduction to the people who make our organization possible:


  • Kevin Walsh, President
  • Linette Walsh, Vice-President
  • Mark Walsh, Treasurer
  • Kerri Moore, Assistant Treasurer
  • Joseph M. Walsh, Clerk

Board of Directors:

  • Linette K. Walsh, Director
  • Kevin Walsh, Director
  • Kristen Hartz, Director
  • Michaela Walsh, Director
  • Karen Celli, Director
  • Thomas Moore, Director
  • John Tangney, Jr., Director

Designated Charities

The Casey-Girl Foundation, Inc. raises money for two worthy causes: The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Dr. Joseph Madsen Research Fund through Children's Hospital Boston. The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The Make-A-Wish Foundation strives to provide a meaningful and carefree experience for the child and lasting, positive memories for the entire family. The Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfills wishes with the hope of offering a welcome respite and just plain fun. Dr. Madsen's Research Fund through Children's Hospital Boston seeks to discover new ways to diagnose and treat neurological complications, including hydrocephalus, that impact the lives of children. This research project hopes to inspire a new generation of the best and brightest medical professionals to work on these critical issues. It is the hope of our family and everyone involved with The Casey-Girl Foundation that we will live long enough to see significant advancements in the treatment of these neurological disorders so that families much us like our family can see their children live a long and healthy life.

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